Let’s bring peace to your problems.

from old computer 070Many of the women (and progressive men) who find us here come with hearts that are big, but heavy. Some have unhappy marriages or are struggling to cope with divorce or separation. Some are fighting with their children and are frustrated with parenting. Some have deep money worries, debt, addictions. And some are at war with their own bodies, unhappy at their current size, shape or age. The ways we can hurt are many.

You may have found this page because you’re hurting but also because you are so ready for change.  You’ve read the “right” books and done all sorts of “self-work” – meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, life coaching, maybe even medication too… but here you are, again, in the middle of the same old problem. (Or, like a lot of us, maybe you have a mix of problems…) It’s okay. This is a safe place to be imperfect. And it’s a safe place to figure it out, once and for all.

You are welcome here.

We could be a match made in heaven if:

  • You want to feel light-hearted again
  • You crave a deeper connection to Spirit/Source/The Universe/God/Love/ your own inner wisdom
  • You’d like help getting to the heart of the things that bother you most

Our arms are open to you.

Hello, there. We’re Dana da Ponte and Joyce Schafers, creators of ADIGI Therapy – a special form of counseling that is solution-oriented and modeled after the principles taught in A Course in Miracles …and we’re best friends. We believe that emotional pain is a sign of disconnection from our own divinity, that life-changing insight can happen in a heartbeat, and that two therapists (at once!) are better than one.

We are here to offer:

Should we talk?Friends

While ADIGI is a proven and structured form of emotional foundation therapy (we have so many pleased and more-peaceful-feeling clients), it feels like an easy conversation with girlfriends – because it is exactly that. A conversation of depth that’s gently guided, leading you back to happiness and a place of clarity.

 Therapy is personal, and so, ours isn’t an approach for everyone; we think it’s ideal if you:

  • have problems you haven’t been able to resolve or understand fully despite all best efforts
  • are open to examining old wounds but not eternally living in them
  • aren’t into blame and finger-pointing
  • would consider yourself to have (or to be seeking) a rich spiritual life
  • loved Eat, Pray, Love as much as we did! (Isn’t Elizabeth Gilbert’s mantra “God dwells within you, as you” so beautiful?)

Ready for the next step? Learn more about us and the counseling care we offer, be in touch or book a FREE session here:

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